Lim Kote Siang terus berlaku kurang ajar mempertikai sejarah kesultanan Melayu, berbaur hasutan, dan berniat jahat. Lanchow! LIM KOTE!

LIM KOTE SIANG didalam blognya menunjukkan sokongan terhadap penulis yang mahu dikenali sebagai “John Doe daripada CPI ASIA”. Penulis yang mahu dilihat sebagai seorang yang cerdik gagal membuat dirinya begitu kerana penulisannya bukan berbentuk akademik, tetapi jelas niatnya mahu menjatuhkan air muka Sultan Brunei, Sultan-Sultan Tanah Melayu, dan Parameswara. Jelas berbaur hasutan, dan berniat jahat dan buktinya adalah komen-komen daripada pembaca post itu. Article “Malay history: What’s missing from the textbooks” usulkan:


The Johor ruler was under the Thais.. The entire Peninsular belonged to the Thais! For those who do not know, Ayodthaya is in Thailand. And that, my friend was already well established before 1363.. The ‘King’ of Pattani, who was also under Ayodthaya rule…


So, for Penang to go back to Kedah, all of the peninsula needs to go back to the Thais. Sarawak needs to go back to Brunei, Brunei needs to go back to Majapahit, Sabah needs to go back to the Philippines, and Parameswara needs to go back to Palembang, leaving the Orang Asli in charge all over again.

The year 1363, the first Sultan of Brunei converted to Islam. And he immediately became the Ruler of Brunei? Is becoming a Muslim enough to justify becoming a Sultan?

1363, Parameswara had not yet swum across Pirate-Bay to reach Temasik yet. Hence, the need to locate the earlier kingdoms which pre-date ‘His Royal Pendatangness’.

During the reign of Wikramawardhana, the series of Ming armada naval expeditions led by Admiral Hajji Mahmud Shams (aka Zheng He), a Muslim Chinese admiral, arrived in Java for several times, spanning the period from 1405 to 1433. “Admiral Hajji Mahmud Shams (aka Zheng He) was so frustrated when he first arrived in Java, because he could not find a single halal restaurant there”, so wrote Mah Huan, his scribe, thus deciding to spread Islam to the “barbarians” as Chinese records would write.


  • Amongst these tombstones is the one of a Chinese Muslim by the name of Pu Kung Chih-mu. He was a Muslim, buried in a Muslim grave! By the discovery of the tombstone, it suggest that the communities of Chinese Muslims had already been living in Kampong Batu well before the 12th Century, 1264
  • And before anyone even thinks of contesting this, let me draw your attention to yet another well-established fact, and let’s see how early the Chinese arrived.
  • A Chinese Islamic trader arrived in Brunei in the 10th century. His name was P’u-lu-shieh. If this is so, Islam actually arrived in Brunei in the year of 977 the Brunei king’s delegation to China to return the emperor’s greetings was also headed by another Muslim official by the name of P’u A-li (Abu Ali)


  • “In late Yuan Dynasty, chinese people escaped to eastern Kalimantan — they landed at the river mouth.
  • the Chinese people developed the area of Sungai Kinabatangan, and they increased their influences there. With the increase of his prosperity, the natives named him Raja, or King.

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