“Ko sapo hok fitnah kawe, demo buat doso besa, Celako! celako! celako!” – kata Karpal, Chief Mentor geng brotherhood of the snake. Kahkahkah..


Kahkahhkah.. Kelmarin Karpal kutok Zaid. Hari ini kita kutok dia. kahkahkah.. sempena kempan untuk Pas, Karpal cakap Kelantan. berehh! brotherhood of the snake juga dianggotai oleh Anwar yang suka putar alam jugak.

Laporan thestar – ‘Karpal : Hard struggle for Zaid’

“It is a matter of record that there was no objection by the A-G (Mohtar) then, who led the prosecution team, to my joining. In fact, he indicated that he would not be calling me as a witness,” Karpal said, adding that the trial judge Arifin Jaka also did not object.
“I did not at any time cross-examine Azizan or Ummi Hafilda Ali,” he said, adding that Anwar was subsequently cleared by the Federal Court.

Karpal said he thus could not see how he had contravened any etiquette rule in his professional capacity.
“The question of conflict of interest in having defended Anwar does not, and cannot, arise.
“Those who malign me, under the circumstances, are guilty of a grave wrong,” he said.

“Maso ambo masuk dale team nua, AG Mokhtar dok kecek dok leh. AG kecek molek hok dio tok sey panggey kawe jadi saksi” – Karpal
“Ambo dop penoh soa-siasak Azizan, Ummi Hafilda pong” – Karpal
“Ko sapo hok fitnah kawe, demo buat doso besa” – Karpal
celako, celako, celako” – Karpal



sekarang, SAYA tak TAU ANWAR BUAT!


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