GEMPAR! Azmin Tak percaya Bukti-bukti Osama Mati.. Desak Presiden Obama Hadapi Qazaf kahkahkah Azmin Hanya Percaya Kalau Osama Sumpah Sendiri Bahwa Dia Sudah Mati.. kahkahkah Ahli PKR Sokong Bahawa Ini Konspirasi Menjatuhkan Imej Politik Padang Pasir Osama kahkahkah

dipertik daripada sini

A group of Malaysians calling themselves Resurreksi have publicly announced that they do not believe Osama Bin Laden is really dead. The group, formed Sunday evening, May 1, 2011 at a cybercafe in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, has said it will not accept the reality of Bin Laden’s death until the following conditions are met with concrete proof by President Barack Obama;

1. Osama’s death certificate

2. Osama’s Omega watch

3. Osama’s DNA confirmation

4. Osama’s good morning towel

5. Osama’s toothbrush

6. Osama’s Cactus mineral water bottle

7. Osama’s beloved AK47 sub machine gun


“It’s all he has to do, just show us these ,” said Azmin (bukan nama sebenar), a spokesman for the group. “If he can’t do that, doesn’t it make you wonder? What’s he hiding?” “Besides, nobody has taken an oath that he’s dead”

“Yeah” chimed in another supporter “We want Osama to swear that he’s dead”

Osama’s wife has come out with a statement in support of her husband. “Its not him” she said “His beard is longer and thicker”

Osama’s daughter also joined in, claiming “Its not daddy. He promised me he would never die. Daddy never lies”

Leaders of the group are expected to make another statement on Tuesday, claiming they need time to update their blogs and youtube accounts.

In related news, bin Laden’s second in command issued a video statement on HD Blu-Ray saying, “Osama’s not dead. He’s just having a chat over here in the corner with Saddam.”


bukti osama belum mati kahkahkah

untuk baca gambar osama mati, adalah palsu, sini


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